Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Parenting 700: The Graduate Level Class

As the girls have gotten older and I try to impart my wisdom upon them (such that I have any to offer), I thought it would be good to document some of my teachings so they can live on in my absence.
  1. Life is about experiences and relationships.
  2. Respect & appreciation of their parents (and elders) is critical if they want to live to see adulthood.
  3. If they want to truly be free, they need to minimize debt (zero being preferred) and work for themselves.
  4. TBD...
I wonder if I can create a MOOC on this schtuff...

Dave'isms & other ponderings...

I serve at the pleasure of Dave and wanted a place to capture a few of his more eloquent pontifications & phrases:
  • Easy as hitting a pickle barrel in Red Square
  • We don't want to build a room with Mr. Ed's door
  • WWPD - What would Phil do?
  • You are my Marshawn Lynch, my Chip Kelly
  • Don't fail on the third attempt trying to pole vault over mouse turds
  • Know more than you say & do more than people see
  • It's easier to put a muzzle on somebody than to fire a rocket up their ass.