Monday, April 21, 2008

Environmental & Economic Statement

At some point I want to pontificate about my belief that "inefficient consumerism" is the root of our environmental and economic challenges and the need to adopt triple bottom line (TBL, 3BL or People, Planet, Profit) or Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) accounting/reporting tehniques for real economic, environmental and social sustainability.


skipjacker said...

Mmm... I'll wait for the full sermon, but to what "environmental problems" are you referring? The fact that our air is cleaner than 30 years ago, are rivers a purer, our land, better managed. Our cars produce less smog, our homes are more insulated.

Is there room for improvements in all these things? Sure. But the only problems I hear dicussed are the numbers at the end of a mathematical model that attempts to predict the future.

The amazing thing about human attempts to predict the future is how uniformly wrong they've all been.

Michael & Jerry said...

Wow - I guess you hit a nerve with that guy.

Here's an interesting website on marine trash.